Friday, October 29, 2010

A Personal Invitation...

My good friend, Sarah de Guzman, has opened up a brand new Scrapbook Store in the bay area called Our Paper Place and I wanted to extend a personal invitation to all my followers to check out her new store. Be sure to also follow their Facebook Page HERE.

The infamous, Suzy West, is teaching a class on Friday, November 27th on making an Advent Calendar from 1pm to 3pm and another class Saturday, December 18th on a Mixed Medium Mini Album. Both classes are only $40.00 each and that includes all your materials needed to make your projects.

Please help spread the word and make this LSS a HUGE success!!! With competitions around like Michael's and Hobby Lobby's, it's hard for small scrapbooking business to make it out there. Please support your local businesses and help us all continue to make our favorite form of art grow and prosper.

Thanks for your support!!

1 comment:

sarah said...

awww! i just saw this, and i wanted to personally thank you for supporting my store altho you're further away from us. :) if you ever want to buy something from my store that you know i've got, i can always do a phone order. ;)

again, thank you for your kindness.