Thursday, October 9, 2008

Awesome Inspirational Bargain Finds!!!

Well, I'm still working on another Halloween layout and will probably finish it before I go to bed but I did stumble on some incredible finds today. I went to this vintage clothing store that my girls love. I was on my way to the hospital to visit a co-worker who had electrocuted herself--long story. As a Get Well gift, I took the fall centerpiece that I made two days ago and one of the cards I made from World Card Making Day. Anyhoo, I stopped at the vintage store and look what I found!!!

I LOOOOVED these vintage stick pins. They will be perfect on future layouts and cards. I told her that I wanted any new ones that she may get in the future and she agreed to set them to the side for me. I think I will keep the large safety pin to put my gold charms on ;)

Here is another something else I fell in love with:

Isn't this the most adorable necklace you have ever seen??? It's a lot longer than the picture shows which makes it even more adorable. It came from the Gap. The earrings where hanging up behind the counter and they don't exactly go with the necklace but close enough. I loved them too ;) I wore the necklace out of the store and didn't take it off until I got home. I think I will make a layout in these colors and include hand crocheted elements on it. I haven't crocheted in probably six months so I guess it's time to pull out that needle and yarn.

One more goodie that I liked was these hair pins:

I'm not sure if I will wear them or use them in a future layout but I loved the bling in the centers and loved that they were similar to laser cut paper butterflies. They may wind up in my 5 year old's

I'm really tired so I may even post the layout tomorrow. Hope your day was creative :)


Marti said...

Love those stick pins. I'll definitely be on the search for some of those.

mel said...

awesome find love the pins and the butterflies too cute.tfs

charity.sorrells said...

Oh my....lovely non scrappy finds! And i love how your mind works, maybe they could be scrappy anyway and you can wear your necklace while your scrapping....snicker
Have a beautiful week!