Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Madness!!!!

I LOOOOOOOOVED New Moon!!!! I mean, who wouldn't love it?? I just couldn't get enough of Edward and Jacob (and yes, even Bella). We arrived at 8:30pm for the 10pm show and we were toward the front of the line. I'm kinda glad I didn't go to the midnight premiere because my niece said the lines were OUTRAGEOUS and people were showing up at 5pm. This year, I am Team Jacob!! I was Team Edward last year for the Twilight premiere but they are both so great, I just couldn't decide so I thought I would spread the love this year ;) Chelsee is still Team Edward and I bought her a new t-shirt for the movie. I went with a Team Jacob hoodie. Yesterday, I bought the New Moon six-pack burger meal from Burger King and now I have the New Moon coupons to buy more clothing from various stores. Gotta feed this addiction!
Now, about the movie. We were so happy that they were so true to the book. Almost all of the dialogue was straight from the pages. And how about those digital wolves???? They were so awesome!!!! My daughter and niece weren't too happy with Kristin's acting but I was pleased because she stayed consistent to Bella's character and personality from the first film and I wouldn't have liked to see a drastic change in just one year. It made sense. But I think she could have broke out the water works in the forest when he kissed her goodbye. Edward leaves you and no tears???? Say what???? Exactly. And how about that ending??????? I loved it. True to the book even to the end. Stephanie really must have put her foot down and made sure they left her baby alone.
Now, we just have to wait until summer for our next fix. {sigh}


Anonymous said...

i haven't even seen twilight. lol.

Lydia Siegel said...

I never really chose side, but after watching New Moon, TEAM JACOB all the way! I think summer is a little to long to wait for the next movie :(!

Thanks for playing along with the blog hop over at scrapfit!

StrawberryPia said...

Thanks for visiting me Nikki! I´m following your blog aswell! Let´s keep in touch! /Pia

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ChelsxSaw said...

Well weren't we lookin' mighty spiffy :D
Is that the only pic you have of that night? If not, you need to post them up there, show off them sexy faces :D

I <3 you mama.